Work progress #1

22 May, 2018

Work progress in the new Port of Veracruz.

To this  date, 11.8 million cubic meters have been dredged, which corresponds to 94% of progress. The 42 ha of the ICAVE’s lands, corresponding to phase 1, are 100% filled. Dredging works are set  to finish 60 days before the scheduled time.

The works of the dock register an important advance both in Substructure and in Superstructure. The Substructure is 60%, while the superstructure has achieved a 30% of construction.

The infrastructure required for the berthing of the Zen Hua 15 vessel, which transported the two Super Post Panamax cranes from China, was timely delivered in accordance with the previously established program, these being the first facilities of the New Port of Veracruz which arrived on May 16th 2018 according to the plan.

The works of improvement of soil in courtyards began on May 16th.


President Enrique Peña Nieto toured the facilities on Monday May 14th to learn about the progress of the most important work of recent years, the New Port of Veracruz.

Reporte de Avance de obra #1From Left to Right Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, Ports and Merchant Marine Coordinator; Gerardo Ruíz Esparza, Secretary of Communications and Transportation; Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico; Miguel Ángel Yunes, Governor of Veracruz; Jorge Lecona, Director HUTCHISON PORTS Latin America and the Caribbean.