Work Progress #2

30 June, 2018

The New Port of Veracruz is a reality

On May 25th, our clients distinguished us with their visit and were able to confirm the arrival of the two new gantry cranes, with which their operations will be handled at the HUTCHISON PORTS ICAVE facilities in the new port of Veracruz. The first vessel is expected to arrive in May 2019.

With the arrival of the gantry equipment, we materialized the commitment we have with our clients, turning this project into a tangible reality, we continue working hard and fulfilling the times of development in the civil works and start of operations, Veracruz secures itself as a strategic port in Mexico, said Jorge Lecona, Latin America Division Director Hutchison Ports.

Mr. Francisco Orozco, Commercial Director of Hutchison Ports in Mexico, thanked the clients for their preference and accompaniment in their evolution of the port of Veracruz and the port community, which will add to the success of their commercial objectives.

Maneuver “Download of the cranes”:

On May 16, the day that the cranes arrived, a team of 24 multifunctional people were in charge of docking the ship and making the maneuver of unloading the cranes to the dock. ZPMC brand cranes, designed with state-of-the-art technology, integrated by several electronic systems with which remote control operation is achieved, have a range of 68 m and a height above the rail of 48 m, will be able to serve ships of 350m length.

Work progress in the New Port of Veracruz

The construction works of the ICAVE terminal in the New Port of Veracruz are as follow:

  • To this date, 13.1 million cubic meters have been dredged, which corresponds to 100% of progress.
  • At present time the THSD is working to have 15 m of depth all over the turning basin and navigation areas.
  • The works of the dock register an important advance both in the substructure with 100% finished, while the superstructure has achieved a 38% of construction.