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Applications - Internacional de Contenedores Asociados de Veracruz (ICAVE)


Evolving with technological advances has gone from being a working philosophy to become an organizational guideline.

For this reason, and from years ago, significant efforts have been devoted to provide our customers and workforce solutions for mobile computing and Web, which allow carrying out various operational and administrative transactions in real time from a computer, phone, tablet or a “hand-held” device. The availability of information in real time and on any platform is an added value that allows an early action taking.

eCTS (Container Terminal System)

It is a main application which takes care of the processing and the operational flow control of imports and exports of containers, vessels planning, service scheduling, in-and-out control, movements in the yard (full and empty), entering the manifest data as well as administrative control involving billing, customer registration, contracts and tariffs, dropouts control and the information exchange between shipping lines, Port Administration and Customs.

eCTS, a CTS extension, consists of a customer service portal that offers a system that can be accessed securely online and to increase services in a more accessible way for our customers allowing them to access relevant information in a dynamic and flexible way from anywhere in the world. This module extends the functionality and services of CTS system to the Internet. Through the eCTS, customers and business partners can access information of containers and operations of the Terminal, and also: consult custom reports, program services to containers and special alerts, release containers, among many others.

CR Transparency

Application that allows Container Terminal users (either a customs agent, a carrier, a Cruise Line, importers or exporters), to know available schedules to perform the required maneuvers (e.g. removal of empty containers, delivery of a container for exports, imports container removal, etc.). Internally, “CR Transparency” is used for monitoring transport operations and the stay in our facilities because it provides a complete picture of the times covered by each transport since its arrival to the CALT until its departure by the terminal gate. This application can be used as an extension of the eCTS Web platform or as a mobile-multiplatform application and represents a powerful tool for tracking the movements related to transport inside the terminal.

To ICAVE the mobility allows to create and maintain a close link with the various actors that take part in the supply chain in which they actively participate; we strongly believe, that offering real-time information anywhere and from any device is a valuable tool for all our business partners.

The constant innovation and the continuous improvement culture in the organization, lead us to regularly create new mobile solutions, taking into account the following aspects: to whom it is addressed, value of the offered content, usability and safety. All this with the aim of achieving a unique user experience that is flowing, useful and intuitive.

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