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Technology - Internacional de Contenedores Asociados de Veracruz (ICAVE)


With 20 years of experience in the port of Veracruz, our operations have been consolidated as the most advanced in the port of Veracruz, being leaders in technology innovation and infrastructure.

Nowadays you cannot visualize the logistics business without a multiservice web platform with online services for the customers, the technological infrastructure of ICAVE benefits our customers by reducing man hours dedicated to the exchange of information and physical documentation with the terminal, and the availability of real-time operations for each container by the data exchange via EDI, downloading invoices, confirmation of previous services and the release of containers without having to go to the terminal, among other benefits. Set out below some initiatives in the development inside our terminal:

Simulation Models. The knowledge and experience combined with sophisticated software have allowed the evaluation of different scenarios in order to make the best choices when it comes to operating under the premise of achieving the best compliance with the customer requirements.

OCR. A first step in the pursuit of providing intelligence to the infrastructure. Business rules embedded systems allow indoor camera-eyes to authorize whether or not release a container.

Automatic monitoring. To mitigate the risks of damage to goods or affectations to the continuity of the operation, the temperature monitoring of the refrigerated and fuel levels of the equipment have ensured a better service.

Online services for the customer. The customer experience is such an important competitive differentiator as the cost. Today the convenience of a web interface avoids transfer and red tape for agents, authorities and consignees performing procedures or queries.

Virtualization. The container terminal is represented graphically in 3D for permanent monitoring of the client’s interests.

Traceability of port equipment. Elementary initiative for virtualization and monitoring. The GPS installed in each of the operating equipment allows nowadays “to visualize” their precise location on the map of the container yard.

Decision making in real time. It is controlled and the level of service offered to the customer in real time is measured.

Maintenance predictability. Intelligent exploitation of historical information about the behavior of the port equipment. It allows monitoring and an advanced maintenance projection to ensure service availability for the customer.


HUTCHISON PORTS launched the MOBILEPORT application in Mexico, the first real-time cargo monitoring system developed by a port operator. With an investment of $ 50,000, it seeks to streamline the flow of information regarding port services at Hutchison Container Terminals in the country and will drive it as a strategic partner for the end customer and shipping lines.

“MOBILEPORT will allow us to be close to our customers with permanent communication platforms, sharing data on the operation and status of their merchandise,” explained Jorge Magno Lecona, director of the Latin America and Caribbean Division of HUTCHISON PORTS.

MOBILEPORT allows the users to consult the itinerary of the ships and know the information of their cargo. It also sends timely alerts regarding events, news of interest and gives the option to share information with other users.

This application is available for iOS and Android systems for free.

Hutchison Ports in Mexico