Hutchison Ports fulfilled its commitment and is operating 100% at the New Terminal.

4 February, 2020

Hutchison Ports ICAVE fully accomplished with the commitment to deliver, in a timely manner, the 42 hectares it used in the South Bay as a Specialized Container Terminal. The agreement concluded with the Integral Port Administration of Veracruz (APIVER) established December 28th, 2019 as the deadline for the delivery of the current terminal located in South Bay.

Since last December 27th, Hutchison Ports ICAVE officially completed, the migration of all the equipment and port technology of the old facility to its new container terminal in North Bay, for which an investment of more than 450 million dollars was allocated in order to offer better customer services. From July 1st, the Terminal began operations with all its services, some in temporary facilities, which are already completed and operating as of today.

The migration of a terminal with 24 years of operation and consolidated services, to a new installation, maintaining the rhythm and service provision without interruptions was the main challenge that the Hutchison Ports ICAVE team posed when this challenge began. 7 months after starting this new story, it is a very successful event, since it was done with the least impact on the operation of the clients.

The Modernization of the Port of Veracruz is a mega-work that resulted in a joint venture between APIVER and HUTCHISON PORTS. 80% of the investment was contributed by the private initiative and 20% by APIVER and the Federal Government. APIVER with a contribution from the Federal Government, made the largest breakwater in Latin America with a length of 4.5 km. HUTCHISON PORTS was responsible for developing 2 million m2 of land gained from the sea and dredged 13 million m3 to give a depth of – 15.5 m in the new territories of the Port of Veracruz.

This new project of the Mexican port system is the most important work of the last 50 years, with it the capacity of the port of Veracruz is being tripled, in which 5 new terminals are being installed:


1) IENOVA Fluids Terminal.

2) Multipurpose Terminal.

3) Hutchison Ports ICAVE Container Terminal.

4) GRAMOSA Agricultural Bulk Terminal.

5) LOGRA Mineral Bulk Terminal.

Currently, Hutchison Ports ICAVE operates 100% in this first stage, in the new terminal in the North Bay with 7 super Panamax Post cranes, equipment that represents 40% more than in the previous installation, which operated with 5 cranes; as well as RTG equipment and the highest technology to continue serving more than 12 shipping lines with which it has a commercial relationship to be able to serve large ships simultaneously in 2 berthing positions and having increased the capacity of the front of 38% water from 507 to 700 m of pier; and at the end of the second stage, it will have the capacity to serve up to 3 ships simultaneously.


Reproduce the video below to see how our moving process was between the previous installation and the new one simultaneously with the operation in progress!