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Infrastructure in yards and warehouses

507 m. of quay (14 m. depth) and 2 berths. With a capacity to handle two large ships simultaneously and 14 meters deep allowing the entry of 4th generation ships.

42 ha. of total area. Within this area, we have divided our yards in service areas, to make operations more efficient and provide greater productivity. We have railways for exports and railways for imports containers, a refrigerated containers area, an area for ​​special, hazardous or oversized containers, a storage area and management of empty containers and an area for ​​previous reviews. The terminal has a static capacity of 31,000 TEUs.

6.2 ha. for storage and management of empty containers. Intended to be for storage and management of empty containers, which consists of inspection, scanning and / or washing, sorting and inventory of empty containers entering this area, as well as the daily reporting of the ones entering or leaving the ICAVE terminal and the ones taken to repair.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). We have professional equipment for CCTV surveillance by cameras strategically distributed throughout the terminal, which are monitored 24 hours a day and are a great support to the custody of the goods that our customers entrust to us.

Connections for refrigerated containers. Special area for energy supply to 284 refrigerated containers; our team inspects them every four hours to maintain the desired temperature previously stipulated by the customer.

Railroad (FFCC) We have two rail spurs to transfer containers with an area of ​​1,600m.

Workshop for the repair of containers. (CONTAINER-CARE). In partnership with the company CONTAINER CARE, ICAVE offers within its integrated services, the repair and maintenance of empty containers; these services are carried out in a specialized area that optimizes the current state of the containers that enter in order to extend their useful life.

CFS warehouse (7,800 m2). Our warehouse for consolidation and deconsolidation, has 7,800 m2 of storage capacity and various services to the bulk cargo, such as labeling, tagging, packing and strapping of goods. It also has platforms for delivering and receiving bulk cargo and is properly segmented inside to store different kinds of goods, which are constantly monitored by CCTV.

16 h. of external deposit (Multimodal Logistics Terminal Santa Fe). To provide the transfer service by train we have 2 rail spurs of 450 meters each with its respective container storage railways

Traffic Flow Regulator Center (CRI). It is a module that serves operators who come to perform some type of operation such as bulk cargo, movement of containers etc.

Computer Infrastructure

Planning, control and monitoring in real time System (SPARCS). It is the system where the logistics of the port terminal is performed in real time by using radio frequency terminals. This system covers the programming of the loading and discharging of containers to and from the ships, the organization and management of the container yard; all in a graphical environment which allows the user to get easily familiar with, it also includes the generation of the BAPLIES files (international standard for electronic data exchange with other ports).

System of electronic data exchange (EDI). It consists in the electronic data exchange EDI to electronically transmit documents between different applications in a standardized format so that information between companies can be processed without manual intervention.

Container Terminal System (CTS). Control system for the loading and discharging of containers in first and second maneuver service, interacting with the SPARCS system in real-time. This system is supported under an ORACLE database on a UNIX server, being the state-of-the-art technology used in the main terminals in the world. Among the system modules to mention: Programming cargo services, control and monitoring of refrigerated containers, container reception / dispatch and billing services generated during their stay in the terminal.

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