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Mission and Values


“To offer, inside the transport chain, the best option in providing cargo services to strengthen the international trade”.


  • Customer Service. To anticipate, comprehend and exceed the expectations of our customers with excellence in quality and attitude.
  • Effectiveness. To establish a unique and incomparable seal of the company through an optimum resource administration
  • To carry out team work and continuous improvement. Joining the intellectual capital of everyone that is part of ICAVE in harmony, to maximize the corporative synergy
  • Loyalty. To comply with the commitment that the individual acquires toward the organization by the confidence placed in him/her.
  • Integrity. To act with honesty, openness and pride of our company, work, colleagues and customers.
    Individual development. To foster the full human development of our intellectual capital.
  • Efficiency. To assure the productivity in every action to generate profit and achieve the continuance in the market.
  • Social responsibility. To promote that our actions generate additional benefits for the community.
  • Ecology. To maintain an operation of environmental excellence in which there is a zero affectation of the ecologic environment.
  • Safety. To operate by reducing all risks of personal injury or material complying with national and international requirements on safety and prevention.
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